Thieves caught on tape!

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We may get some calls for situations like this one…

Thieves caught on video!

A man and his accomplice, a pregnant woman, stop by a commercial building at 5:30 am in broad daylight to steal an air conditioning unit. The “get away car” was mostly a hassle since they spent over 11 minutes trying to fit the unit in.  After trying the backseat to no avail, the man decides to try the trunk. This is the point at which his pregnant accomplice gets involved.  She helps him figure out how to get it to fit in the trunk.

Was it a crime of convenience or one of desperation? Is it true that people are willing to haul an entire AC unit off to sell for parts? What would you do if you came outside and your unit installed by heating and cooling experts was just…missing?  Can you imagine your service technician walking into your backyard to find an empty cement pad where your unit had once been?  Exposed wires and copper pipe dangling, freeon seeping into your grass, is there protocol for this!? I may just have to shop around for a cage to keep my unit in!

What would you do?? First, call the police and then call your heating and air company to verify everything is safe until further repairs can be made.

With the price of copper and rare materials and metals on the rise these days, this is becoming more of a concern for our Boise and Meridian residents. Though firm numbers are not necessarily available, thieves can sometimes net $100 to $200 for copper stolen from an air conditioning unit. For the most part, police collectively believe the culprits are usually petty criminals looking for some quick money. Those who are arrested are often charged with burglary or larceny, depending upon the circumstances of the theft, and face fines, probation, or several years in jail. In the long run, most people can be reimbursed through homeowner’s insurance, but often must pay a deductible. Call us today to see what preventative measures you can take NOW before your a/c ends up in someone’s car!

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