Do not let dirty air filters rob efficiency

Summer is right around the corner, and that means your air conditioning system will be working! Do not forget to check your air filters and change them if needed. Dirty filters can cut your systems efficiency by as much as 50%!
We provide air conditioning repair, service, and maintenance- for more than 40 years! Call us today if you have any questions regarding how to change your air filter OR watch this tutorial created by our team: This is great how-to if you wondering what needs to get done.
So, before making plans for your summer, make sure to work this into your calendar, you will be glad you did!

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Hopefully your heater works all winter long and there are no issues. However, if in the event you do need repair, call us. We provide heating repair services and maintenance on your system. What heats your home is just as important as the contractor who services your heater.
So, call the best- Access Heating, we have been taking care of furnaces for more than 40 years now in Boise, Meridian, and the greater Treasure Valley.
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Who would have thought?



The old adage- don’t judge a book by it’s cover rungs true for cooling systems too.

New air conditioners are more energy efficient and the way higher efficiency I achieved is by more surface area on the outdoor system. More surface area allows better transfer of heat.

Both of these units are the same exact cooling capacity! Believe it or not! The air conditioner on the right is more than 60% efficient than the one in the left.

We are the air conditioner experts in Boise. We also are the air conditioner experts in Boise and Meridian.

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This one is a little crazy…


Air filters are such a vital part to efficient heating and cooling operation. When they are plugged, they restrict the air which causes low airflow.
Go ahead and set a schedule up like on your computer calendar or something, for every 30 days. Some seasons are worse than others in terms of dust so it is pretty hard to gauge when change them. The best way is to just look!

With summer coming right around the corner, make sure your air conditioner is working properly AND efficiently.
And call us if you have any questions regarding how to order them. We are THE air conditioning experts in Boise and Meridian and the greater Treasure Valley.


Idaho Power – Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Tips

Idaho Power – Energy Efficiency – Residential – Tips – Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Tips.

Since summer is quickly approaching the Treasure Valley we thought we would start letting our customers know some ways they can save on cooling costs this upcoming season. We are Boise air conditioning experts! And don’t forget to call us to service your air conditioner or to just ask some questions about air conditioner maintenance and/or repairs.

TIP #1: Moving air can feel up to 4 degrees cooler than still air. In other words, get a bedroom fan!

Serving Boise, Meridian, and the greater Treasure Valley. Happy cooling!

These small lil buggers…

Ever had your furnace go out? Haven’t we all?! Well instead of cussing, why not try this simple idea?

What about this- the furnace kicks on and then off in about 2 seconds, and cycles through until it just seems to quit altogether… As the heating repair experts in Boise and Meridian, we want to give you an inside tip. SAVE YOUR MONEY! Clean this little steel rod with some steel wool (#000-ultra fine) and reinstall it. It will take you less than 5 minutes.

Steps to complete this repair yourself:

1. Locate the flame sensor. Usually on the far left or far right side of the burner box/chamber.

2. Remove the screw(s) holding it in.

3. Polish and resurface.

4. Reinstall.

5. Admire your skills! And how much you just saved.