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It’s supposed to be above 80 degrees by Sunday and that means business is picking up. Earth Day is also this weekend and what greater way to participate in reducing your carbon footprint by having one if our highly certified service technicians perform our 44-point maintenance an tune-up??We are providing heating and cooling maintenance specials before the start of this season, so call us to find out how to save money this summer! Hurry though because these specials are running for about 1 more month!

We provide heating and cooling services to Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Caldwell, and the greater Treasure Valley. We are the experts at repair, service, and maintenance for all major heating and cooling brands. Since 1972, we have been “Your Access To Total Comfort!”

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This one is a little crazy…


Air filters are such a vital part to efficient heating and cooling operation. When they are plugged, they restrict the air which causes low airflow.
Go ahead and set a schedule up like on your computer calendar or something, for every 30 days. Some seasons are worse than others in terms of dust so it is pretty hard to gauge when change them. The best way is to just look!

With summer coming right around the corner, make sure your air conditioner is working properly AND efficiently.
And call us if you have any questions regarding how to order them. We are THE air conditioning experts in Boise and Meridian and the greater Treasure Valley.


Idaho Power – Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Tips

Idaho Power – Energy Efficiency – Residential – Tips – Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Tips.

Since summer is quickly approaching the Treasure Valley we thought we would start letting our customers know some ways they can save on cooling costs this upcoming season. We are Boise air conditioning experts! And don’t forget to call us to service your air conditioner or to just ask some questions about air conditioner maintenance and/or repairs.

TIP #1: Moving air can feel up to 4 degrees cooler than still air. In other words, get a bedroom fan!

Serving Boise, Meridian, and the greater Treasure Valley. Happy cooling!

The Anatomy of a Gas Grill | Get to Know Your Gas Grill

The Anatomy of a Gas Grill | Get to Know Your Gas Grill | Photos | Outdoor Kitchens | Kitchens | This Old House.

We run gas lines from your meter to outside for your long and entertaining days of summer. And often people ask us about maintenance on these bbqs.

Well, now you are in luck! This post from This Old House, spells out what a lot of you guys are asking. So check it out and share it with your buddies!

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15 Quick Ways to Save $1,000 on Utility Bills

15 Quick Ways to Save $1,000 on Utility Bills |

Really great link to check out if you are at all concerned about saving money on your utility bills! And who couldn’t use a little extra money these day?

How to Install a Ceiling Fan | Step-by-Step Guide

How to Install a Ceiling Fan | Step-by-Step | Cooling | This Old House – Introduction.

Ceiling fans are the best the way to efficiently cool your bedrooms during the warm summer months (which are right around the corner!). You see, air movement is better than none; there is actually quite a bit of science behind this- too much to go into depth for this particular post…

Nonetheless, moving air is a great way to “feel” cooler and is much more cost effective than running that outdoor unit!

We are Boise air conditioning repair experts and all things energy-efficiency! Call us if you would like anymore information regarding sizing bedroom fans: (208) 855-2444.