PLEASE remember…

PLEASE remember to change your air filters this season! Even if you just did it, make sure to check them again, they may be dirty again. Dirty air filters drastically reduce the life of your equipment and increase the utility bills, check your air filters today!

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This one is a little crazy…


Air filters are such a vital part to efficient heating and cooling operation. When they are plugged, they restrict the air which causes low airflow.
Go ahead and set a schedule up like on your computer calendar or something, for every 30 days. Some seasons are worse than others in terms of dust so it is pretty hard to gauge when change them. The best way is to just look!

With summer coming right around the corner, make sure your air conditioner is working properly AND efficiently.
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15 Quick Ways to Save $1,000 on Utility Bills

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Really great link to check out if you are at all concerned about saving money on your utility bills! And who couldn’t use a little extra money these day?

How to Install a Ceiling Fan | Step-by-Step Guide

How to Install a Ceiling Fan | Step-by-Step | Cooling | This Old House – Introduction.

Ceiling fans are the best the way to efficiently cool your bedrooms during the warm summer months (which are right around the corner!). You see, air movement is better than none; there is actually quite a bit of science behind this- too much to go into depth for this particular post…

Nonetheless, moving air is a great way to “feel” cooler and is much more cost effective than running that outdoor unit!

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Boise air conditioning repair!


Yes yes yes. Summer is in it’s way which means air conditioning in Boise will be in the rise here shortly. But, before summer gets here in full swing, we start air conditioning maintenance now during the spring in order to get ready! Birds are chirpin and trees budding, so don’t wait to have your air conditioner serviced by Boise air conditioning experts. Beat the rush and know your system is in top-efficiency performance for July 4th, your friends and bbq’s will appreciate you for it!

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Boise Heating


Hello, and welcome to the Access Heating & Air Conditioning Blog! This site is intended to be a resource to anyone who is interested in Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning. Also known has HVAC. Some call it “H-V-A-C or H-vac” either way it means Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Although all of these things are integrated and work together to keep you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer, they are each independent and required special knowledge and training for efficient and safe operation…

Heating and Air Conditioning in Boise

From Fire To This!

HVAC isn’t new by any means. In home HVAC systems began booming in during the industrial revolution and central air systems’ roots can be traced as far back as ancient Rome, who created duct work in homes and in public baths. The first part of this acronym addresses Heating. Usually this is done by a central heating system by using a boiler or a furnace to heat either air or water, and then using ductwork to transfer the produced heat into your home. The second part stands for Ventilation. This involves filtering, replacing, and exchanging existing indoor air to create better air quality. The last part, and my favorite, is Air Conditioning. In my opinion the best feeling is coming home to a refreshingly cool house after being in the hot Summer sun. Air Conditioners do this by removing the heat in your home. The concept of “removing heat” is similar to that feeling of evaporating rubbing alcohol on your skin. This is done by conduction or chemical refrigerants, which remove heat – producing cool air. Then that air is usually dispersed by the same ductwork your central heating system uses.

It’s good to be educated about your HVAC system as it is crucial for comfort and often one of the most expensive appliances in your home. To learn more stay posted to this blog or if you have questions or need service click this link Boise Heating. Thank You!