PLEASE remember…

PLEASE remember to change your air filters this season! Even if you just did it, make sure to check them again, they may be dirty again. Dirty air filters drastically reduce the life of your equipment and increase the utility bills, check your air filters today!

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This one is a little crazy…


Air filters are such a vital part to efficient heating and cooling operation. When they are plugged, they restrict the air which causes low airflow.
Go ahead and set a schedule up like on your computer calendar or something, for every 30 days. Some seasons are worse than others in terms of dust so it is pretty hard to gauge when change them. The best way is to just look!

With summer coming right around the corner, make sure your air conditioner is working properly AND efficiently.
And call us if you have any questions regarding how to order them. We are THE air conditioning experts in Boise and Meridian and the greater Treasure Valley.


Internet Enabled Heating and Cooling

The Nest

Ever wondered if you could remotely manage your heating and cooling system? Remotely; yes… Away from your home. With the rise of homes connected to wi-fi and more consumers using smartphones and web-enabled phones, this is now becoming more of a reality. There are products that require monthly subscriptions and products that can interface all electronic components in your home. From lighting to appliances to even doors and windows, the dream of “logging into” your home is now here! Have we jumped in? Well, let’s just say we are watching to see what manufactures make the best use of what is available already to our customers. This product by Nest though is up there on our list…